CBAS Launches College Cloth

The College of Basic and Applied Sciences (CBAS) launched its official cloth at a brief ceremony held on Friday September 15, 2017 at the forecourt of Biotechnology Centre to make itself visible and more identifiable within the University community and beyond.

The cloth which was beautifully designed, is devoid of any particular motifs/ symbols representing any of the Schools, Departments or Centres within the College but has the University of Ghana logo, with a neutral background in red, white and blue colors. The cloth was jointly unveiled by Professor Samuel Kwame Offei, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, with responsibility for Academic and Students Affairs (ASA), and Professor Daniel K. Asiedu, Provost of the College of Basic and Applied Sciences.

Prof. Offei, in his speech said that it is necessary for every institution to create unique identities that make them distinct from similar institutions and one of the ways to achieve this is to promote the brand element. The cloth is one of such products with the proclivity of reaching far and wide.
He further said that the College cloth will enhance the visibility of the College as well as serve as a source of pre-advertisement for the College. It will also help to foster team spirit and sense of belonging among the stakeholders within the College.

Prof. Offei highlighted on some of the achievements of the College since its establishment in 2014 in areas such as infrastructure expansion, intellectual leadership position in the academic society through programmes organized by some units of the College. “The College has attracted many grants and introduction of many innovative programmes through commitment, perseverance and resilience in the pursuit of quality and excellence. It has also served as a driver for national and regional development as well as a shaper of the University of Ghana identity” Prof. Offei said.
He entreated all and sundry to exhibit a high standard of the University of Ghana and be brand ambassadors and promoters of the College and the University as well.
He commended the Provost, Professor Daniel K. Asiedu and others who had worked tremendously to make the production of the cloth a reality.

Mr. Emmanuel Baidoo, the College Secretary, delivered the purpose of the gathering and acknowledged the good job of both the cloth committee and the launch planning members.


Professor Asiedu, in his closing remarks said that the College can now be identified with pride as a collective Unit with a common vision for excellence inspired by a strong feeling of esprit de corps.
He therefore urged all to continue to contribute their quota to building a strong and united College which will be known for academic excellence with strong commitment to innovation and continuous improvements.
The ceremony showcased other activities such as musical interludes, cultural displays and a fashion show that displayed an array of designs made of the College cloth. The ceremony was attended by both students and employees of the college.