The 10th Public Lecture of the College of Basic and Applied Sciences (CBAS) was delivered by Professor Innocent Kwame Aboh, Ag. Director General Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Ghana. The lecture was on the topic “Development of Regulatory Infrastructure for Nuclear Power Programme in Ghana”. Professor Abor who is also a lecturer at the University of Ghana School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences explored thematic areas consisting historical perspectives, human resource and competence development, regulations development, collaborations with internal and external stakeholders, as well as challenges and the way forward.

Professor Daniel K. Asiedu, Provost (CBAS), Chairman

The lecture focused on nuclear regulatory affairs, simplified for the understanding of both academics and non-academics. The audience were taken through the associations of various national and international stakeholders working together to implement strategic interventions necessary to develop and implement a robust nuclear regulatory infrastructure. Key to this lecture was the role this regulation will play in ensuring sustainable nuclear power in Ghana’s energy mix in line with Sustainable Development Goal four (SDG 4).

Professor Innocent Kwame Aboh

Responding to questions asked by the audience, Prof. Aboh stressed the need to have a strong regulatory regime to debunk fears of nuclear related accidents. Having a strong regulatory oversight implies adherence to best practices and compliance to rules and regulations. He, however, bemoaned the inadequate human resources available to the authority for key responsibilities but was quick to state interventions in solving such challenge.

A section of the audience