On 11th August, 2022, a delegation from the College of Basic and Applied Sciences (CBAS) led by Prof. Elsie Effah Kaufmann, Dean, School of Engineering Sciences, paid a working visit to Reroy Cables Limited, located in Tema. The visit was a follow-up to meetings held earlier and to further discuss possible areas of sustained collaboration for the mutual benefit of the two entities in furtherance of industry-academia collaborations.

Welcoming the CBAS team, Mrs. Kate Quartey-Papafio, CEO of Reroy Cables Limited, expressed her pleasure at the visit. In her remarks, she stated that Reroy Cables Limited was into electrical cable manufacturing, which was heavily dependent on engineers for technical support. She averred that it was imperative to find ways of involving the Engineering Sciences unit of CBAS in the activities of the company while ensuring that the students receive hands-on training to prepare them for the world of work.

She further intimated Reroy Cables Limited’s need for an in-house Research and Development Centre to drive production and solicited the guidance of CBAS in this endeavour. Among other proposals from Reroy Cable Limited included providing opportunities for student internship and collaborating with UG to set up a Testing and Certification Centre (TCC) on the University of Ghana campus, for mutual benefit.

For their part, the CBAS team expressed delight in the meeting and their interest in the proposals from Reroy Cable Limited. It was affirmed that the Departments of Materials Science and Engineering, Physics and Computer Engineering were well positioned to provide the expertise required by the company in respect of the proposals made.

Following some discussions, it was agreed that the TCC could house a Makerspace which the Institute of Applied Science and Technology (IAST) was seeking to establish. Also, work should commence on a Memorandum of Understanding covering the suggested areas of collaboration. However, in the immediate term, internship opportunities for students during the next long vacation beginning at the end of September 2022 should be explored.

The CBAS team appealed to Reroy Cables Limited for support for the University. It was noted that through such support, Reroy Cables Limited could increase its visibility in the university community in particular and eventually across the globe.

During the visit, the CBAS team was shown around the facility. They toured the production units, machines, cabling, insulating and cooling systems, quality control centre, packaging and storage units.

The CEO of Reroy Cables Limited expressed her appreciation to the CBAS team for the visit. She reiterated her firm support for a long-term collaboration with the CBAS. On behalf of the CBAS team, the Dean, School of Engineering Sciences, indicated her gratitude for the warm reception and productive discussions.

Both teams expressed hope that the next steps would be executed as soon as possible while efforts were made to commence work on a Memorandum of Understanding.

Other members of the CBAS team were Prof. David Dodoo-Arhin, Director, Institute of Applied Science and Technology (IAST); Dr. Godfrey Augustus Mills, Head, Department of Computer Engineering; Dr. Henry Sintim Ofosuhene, Senior Research Fellow, IAST; Mr. Daniel Hormeku, Senior Assistant Registrar, Provost’s Office, CBAS; Mr. Vincent Ashie Padi, Senior Technician, Department of Computer Engineering; Mr. Anas Kojo Dadzie, Technician, Department of Computer Engineering; and Mr. John Adenaa Bawa, Senior Administrative Assistant, College Secretary’s Office, CBAS.