Dr. Edem Mahu Wins AGU Award for Research Excellence in Ocean Sciences

Dr. Edem Mahu (Left) & Susan Lozier, former President of AGU

Dr. Edem Mahu, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Marine and Fisheries Sciences, has received the 2022 AGU Africa Award for Research Excellence in Ocean Sciences. This annual award recognises early career scientists from Africa who demonstrate significant work and the potential to make outstanding contributions to ocean science research. The recipient is expected to excel in long careers in ocean sciences by making significant original contributions, excelling in research, mentoring students, leading collaborative teams, and engaging in exceptional service and outreach to society.

Prof. Brian Arbic, in his citation about Dr. Mahu, wrote that “Edem is a perfect example of a scientist with training abroad who chooses to use her training and networking skills to develop science in her home country. She sets a shining example to younger African scientists, as evidenced by the flood of congratulatory messages for Edem in our COESSING network after this award was announced. Many oceanographers outside of Africa have turned to Edem for collaboration in global research and capacity development projects. Indeed, so many demands are made of Edem’s time that she has recently learned to say no, and I can’t blame her. Edem’s plate will continue to grow as she realizes her full potential as a leader in African ocean sciences research, education, and capacity development”.

Dr. Edem Mahu joined the University of Ghana as Lecturer in September 2016, where she has taught various Marine Science courses and supervised or co-supervised over 10 graduate students and numerous undergraduate researchers. She has secured over US$1,000,000 in funding from prestigious organisations such as the International Foundation for Science, the Organization for Women in Sciences from the Developing World, The Royal Society, the Meewissen Initiative, the National Geographic Society, and the African Academy of Sciences to support her team’s research. Dr. Mahu’s funded projects encompass a wide range of topics, including paleoenvironmental studies, nutrient analysis, shellfisheries, plastic waste and microplastics, mangroves, toxic metals, ocean acidification, and citizen science monitoring of litter.

A message from the Provost on behalf of the College of Basic and Applied Sciences, UG

My heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Mahu on her outstanding accomplishment in receiving the esteemed 2022 AGU Africa Award for Research Excellence in Ocean Sciences. This exceptional achievement speaks volumes about her unwavering commitment, remarkable research abilities, and profound impact on the field. Her dedication to furthering knowledge about the oceans is truly commendable and serves as a source of inspiration to many. Her success not only fills us with pride as a College but also underscores the exceptional calibre of our academic community. We take immense pride in her accomplishments and extend our best wishes for continued success in all her future endeavours.