UG Lecturer Secures USD700,000 Grant to Establish Air Quality Sensor Evaluation and Training Hub

Dr. Allison Felix Hughes, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics under the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, in collaboration with AfriqAir based at the Kigali Collaborative Research Center (KCRC) of the Carnegie Mellon University Africa in Kigali, Rwanda, has won a 3-year research grant worth 700,000 USD from the Clean Air Fund, UK to establish a low-cost air quality sensor evaluation and training hub in Ghana. The project which is titled “Afri-SET: The air quality Sensor Evaluation and Training centre for West Africa” seeks to promote the widespread and responsible uptake of low-cost air quality sensors in West Africa, thereby increasing air quality monitoring capacity and directly supporting effective health and environmental policy-making in the region. Afri-SET will evaluate and calibrate low-cost sensors from various manufacturers to ensure that end-users are aware of the sensors' capabilities and limitations. Low-cost air quality sensors are a helpful tool for raising public awareness and encouraging behavioral changes in response to air pollution. Additionally, the project will also provide capacity building, training and community knowledge exchange for students and air quality practitioners in Africa through a series of in-person, online (via webinar) and open-access data and self-paced training materials.


Profile Photo of Dr. Allison Felix Hughes, Senior Lecturer

College of Basic and Applied Sciences

School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Department of Physics

University of Ghana


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